FiEND is love, FiEND is life, FiEND is us, FiEND is.

Practical skills are worth your bodyweight in lumber.

DIY and maintenance

There is a lot of electronic apparel associated with FiEND, here is a closer look at some of it. This section is at present very blinking animated gif a la geocities under construction.

COSMO (Csound On Stage Musical Operator

This device was built by FiEND during a workshop in 2015 held by the creators of the COSMO pedal. It is in performance/live condition but more hardware revisions are necessary and planned. It is a very fun device to build and customise with a lot of room for tweaks and personalization. At present it does not utilise every switch and the running code is a fairly straightforward affair. In its present state it performs well with a dronelab and some guitar pedals. The device is currently without synch.


When I found her she was considered retarded. Lights were haywire and she had been greatly neglected. A shift register and two new atmegas with Sokk0s later (for some reason interfacing with USB bugs her out, she's probably traumatized). Don't know the source builder but the adafruit forum was helpful and invaluable to its restoration. She deserves a new outfit though and will get one, one day, along with some appropriate mods.

Misc Projects

A breadboarded Atari punk console with a diode clipping gain circuit.

Prototyping and testing of germanium transistors, present research inconclusive...